Photography style

My photography style can be defined by several elements; colours, light, simplicity and contrast. These four elements essential for my photography are addressed further below.


Bright vivid colours are very important in my work. I love great sunsets which give the entire scene a beautiful golden shine or rich blue skies in a colourful location such as a field of flowers, all resulting in awesome multicoloured pictures.

On the other hand, sometimes a single bright colour in a frame can also lead to a strong image.


Light is generally important for photography. But as I largely work outdoors, natural light is what interests me most. What I typically look for is sunlight that can give a certain mood to a picture. Think of sun rays shining through the trees, sunlight creeping through some clouds or interesting shadows appearing from the strong light.


Powerful images do not always need to show everything, sometimes less is more. Typically, I like to go for simple and calm compositions, in order for the colours and the light to stand out the most.  


The elements above can be used in such a way that a scene is created with intriguing and  contrasting aspects.

Complementary colours can be used in a specific way and backlight can conceive a contrasting scene. For me, contrast is another way to make images attractive and to convey a certain atmosphere.